Fourth of July Must-Haves

Fourth of July Must-Haves

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Happy Wednesday y’all! I cannot believe it is already almost July! I would sincerely appreciate it if summertime would slow down just a little bit. Anyways, today’s post is all about my Fourth of July Must-Haves! Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays! I usually spend it at the beach or the lake with my family and I have some amazing memories that include Fourth of July celebrations.

  1. I love the graphic tee from Old Navy! I think it is perfect for the Fourth of July and something casual and comfortable that anyone could wear.
  2. The Topshop hi-waisted shorts are trendy and another perfect representation of an essential piece for any outfit for the Fourth of July.
  3.  As you all know from last week’s post… What do you mean you don’t know? Um, hello go read it and then come back to this post. Anyways, off-the shoulder tops are totally trending! This top is a bit more dressy, but still cute and another great option for an outfit for the Fourth of July.
  4. Rompers are slowly but surely growing on me, and this one is no exception. I love the paisley print of this romper which could definitely represent a red bandana that you will see more times than you would want to count on the Fourth of July. It’s perfect!
  5. This romper is also fantastic! I love the simplicity of the stripes. This would be perfect to wear over a swimsuit at a Fourth of July pool party.
  6. Tassels, tassels, tassels what more should I say? You could say these earrings are pretty fancy, but I love them! I am all about tassels currently and do not see a change in that for quite a while. These earrings could add just the right amount of POP to your Fourth of July outfit.
  7. Hello Pom Pom sandals! If you have not seen pom pom sandals yet where have you been?? It’s okay, that’s why I am here. #you’rewelcome. Pom pom sandals are HUGE right now and I have seen them go for up to $1000 (I’m looking at you Dolce & Gabbana $$$), but these are pretty affordable and not too risky compared to the super colorful pairs that I have seen.
  8. Circle towels are another super trendy summer item. I do not have one (yet), but this one is definitely calling my name. These towels are extra large and in charge, and perfect for lounging on at the beach. I can totally see this towel being the star of the show for a Fourth of July photo op.

Do you have any fun memories from the Fourth of July? Or fun family traditions? Or tell me what your Fourth of July Must-Haves are. I’d love to hear them!



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