Summer Beauty Favorites

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Hi everyone! I hope y’all are having a great week so far! Today’s post is all about my Summer beauty favorites. These beauty items have been essential to my Summer beauty routine and I would not be able to survive the brutal Texas heat without them.

  1. This facial spray is AMAZING! I love using it before I moisturize my face and after I apply all of my makeup to set it. It makes my skin feel great and helps keep my makeup looking fresh.
  2. This looks like a weird little pink sponge but it is LIFE CHANGING people! I use this to apply liquid products to my face and it is so versatile! I even use it to apply my loose powder under my eyes. It is pretty pricey I will not lie, but it is seriously so good!
  3. This primer is new to my makeup routine, but I have been loving it recently! I received it in my Sephora Play! Box and have been using it under my foundation to act like a filter for my skin. It does have some shimmer to it, but it adds more of a glow to my face more than anything else.
  4. This foundation is my FAVORITE! Seriously I recommend it to everyone! It is a bit pricey for drugstore foundation, but it makes my skin look so great I cannot complain and it is still cheaper than other high-end foundations. It does not come off when I touch my face like some foundations tend to do and it wears extremely well.
  5. This concealer is another favorite of mine. I love using it under my eyes, on my nose, chin, and a bit on my forehead as a highlighter. I do not have dark circles so I cannot speak to whether or not this product hides them, but I love it for adding some brightness back into my face.
  6. This bronzer is also new to my makeup routine, but it is another great product. I also received this in my Sephora Play! Box and it is the perfect summer bronzer! It is a liquid which really scared me at first, but I dab the tiniest amount onto the back of my hand and use my favorite sponge from number 2 above to apply it to the hollows of my cheeks and my forehead to add some color back into my skin.
  7. I have used this highlighter for a few years now and I really enjoy it. It is a creme product and really stays on my skin well. It adds a pretty highlight to my face without making it look too crazy. I’ve had a few of the sample sizes and they always last an extremely long time so I know the full size product is a great purchase for how much product you get and how long it lasts.
  8. Okay, so this blush has a crazy name, but it is BEAUTIFUL. Seriously it is gorgeous. This is pretty much the one and only blush color I have used for quite a while and it is definitely an essential for me.
  9. The other day one of my best friends texted me to ask for my recommendation on a drugstore mascara and I quickly showed her this one. I love it so much! It makes my lashes look long, and also adds lots of volume. I use an eyelash curler before and after I apply my mascara and it makes them look great especially with this product.
  10. This lip product in Statement Nude is a bit different for me because it is essentially a liquid lipstick, but it does not act like one. This product claims to be matte which it is, but it takes a bit for the product to dry. I really enjoy it though and I keep it with me in my purse at all times in case I need to add some color to my lips. It is not as scary to use as a normal liquid lipstick because it does not dry instantly which allows you to fix any mistakes you might make. This specific color is very versatile and I really enjoy wearing it.

Alright friends there you have it. Now you all know what beauty products I have been loving this Summer. Do any of y’all have any products that you have been loving this Summer? Or do you use any of the products that I love? I would love to hear any recommendations y’all might have for me too!



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